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Miniaturist artists' workshop

Dan Ohlmann and other miniaturist artists are daily on work
in their workshop in the museum.

At the moment, the staff is working on a meticulous scale reproduction of the Brasserie Georges, a landmark Lyons restaurant. This intricate piece will require hundreds of workdays.

Film Collection & Exhibition Manager Laurie Chareyre is also a miniaturist, and she crafts her own creations in this very workshop.

The Museum continues acquiring new miniatures every year, both in France and abroad. It also has a trainee program in which miniaturist students can participate in the current projects and learn their craft first hand.

The Musée Miniature et Cinéma is foremost a place for creation, full of artistic encounters.

Restoring film artefacts

A giant mantis comes back to life, a 3-meter long ancient ship recovers its long lost sails… The cinema restoration workshop is in full activity in front of the visitors’ eyes on the Museum’s third floor. Each month, the artistic team collects the latest acquisitions and restores them to their original condition. A job of many skills as, from one day to the next, it can be a pirate sword, a mechanized remote-controlled fake animal, a science-fiction costume, or a monster from outer space.

Thanks to this policy of restoring film artefacts, the exhibition is in constant evolution, and visitors can experience new emotions every time. Special effects experts from the most prestigious film studios frequently come to the Museum to assist and advise restorers Laurie Chareyre and Simon Dorbec in their work. Their expertise allows the team to restore the pieces in the most accurate way.

In this regard, the Musée Miniature et Cinéma plays a significant role in preserving film heritage.