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Behind the scenes

Film sets, costumes, models, masks, prosthetic make-up, fake animals, robots, monsters and aliens of all kinds…, altogether over 400 props and objects that were used on set or during production. This educational exhibition unveils all the tricks that are used by cinema magicians.

The innovative concept of this unique collection, unparalleled in Europe, is to pay homage to the skill and know-how of behind-the-scenes artists from some of most prestigious film studios and companies.

Futuristic cities, miniature planets, spaceships, airplanes, explosions, disasters… all these amazing tricks are revealed and explained via hundreds of models, film artefacts and genuine documents, accompanied with comprehensive explanatory panels.

The 1,000-m²-film exhibition encompasses many celebrated films, from the Sixties to current blockbusters.

The film planet

Over the past 20 years, the Museum has had the privilege of collaborating with many special effects artists and film museum curators for a series of temporary exhibitions. These events allowed visitors to see some landmark pieces of film history, such as models from Star Wars, Blade Runner or The Fifth Element.

Based on these fruitful partnerships, the Museum decided in 2011 to open a permanent exhibition devoted to film artists. The collection has been steadily expanding ever since, with new acquisitions from the latest blockbusters every month. The pieces are either acquired after their use on set, or in the special effects workshop directly.

The exhibition is a tribute to some of the most renowned film artists, such as Academy Award winners Rick Baker, Stan Winston, Grant McCune, or New Deal Studios or French production designer and creature designer Patrick Tatopoulos.

The exhibition’s educational content and iconography have been developed by film journalist Alain Bielik, founder and editor of special effects magazine “S.F.X”, a reference in the field .