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Several miniature styles are on display at the Museum:

Unique in France, the main collection presents over
100 hyperreal miniature scenes on two stories. More than mere technical achievements, these creations are mirages of their own kind. Their outstanding realism revives one’s memories and exhales a distinct sense of nostalgia. The subtle lighting arrangement, the painstaking replication of old textures, the use of the same original materials, all contribute to the creation of a moving poetry that resonates with each new miniature panorama.

Several rooms are devoted to arts and crafts in miniature. From cabinetmaking to stringed instrument making, and from silversmith’s trade to leather craft, the varied skills of artists from all over the world are highlighted in a 1,000-piece collection. Magnifying glasses allow visitors to study the intricate details of these exquisite creations.

The Salle des Performances (Performance Room) houses some of the most elaborate and delicate pieces: chiselled eggs, micro paper art, origami, sculpted matches, and many other creations. They are true masterpieces of patience and skill.
Collection Dan Ohlmann
All the hyperreal miniature scenes of master miniaturist and Museum curator Dan Ohlmann are on display. They are the result of over 20 years of passionate creation in his workshop.

Formerly a cabinetmaker and inner architect, he has always worked with one goal in mind: to take the viewer to various ambiances of our daily life. From a charming artist room in the Eighties to the gloomy interior of a prison to the Art Nouveau architectural wonders of the world famous Maxim’s restaurant in Paris, Dan Ohlmann emphasizes the poetry that takes over a location when it is filled with memories and history.

A Zen temple discovered in Japan, a Lyons weaving shop… all his miniatures are based on hundreds of photographs and measurements that are taken at the real location. This research work is a major part of the process, as the artist must gather as much information as he can. The fabrication itself can last many months, each element being reproduced at the exact scale using a mix of technical know-how and precision.

In his Museum, Dan Ohlmann invites the visitor to his own personal adventure, a surprising journey to another dimension.
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